Sample Clients

Since 1999 I have helped manage medical claims for over 300 individuals. My clients include:

  • Seniors
  • Retirement communities
  • Children with aging parents
  • Families with ongoing medical expenses
  • Individuals with complex medical claims issues

Below is a sample of my clients:

Tracy D.—Organization Services Client

In 2001, Tracy assumed responsibility for her ailing grandmotherís medical expenses. I helped Tracy review her grandmotherís medical records, explained how Medicare and supplemental insurance claims are processed and helped her develop a system to organize, audit and track her grandmotherís medical claims. This allowed her to spend less time managing paperwork and more time managing her grandmotherís care.

Mary F.—Management Services Client

When Mary required skilled nursing and extended physical therapy, she discovered $6,000 of medical bills had not been submitted to her supplemental insurance for over a year. In 2004 Mary engaged me to review all of her medical expenses and submit covered expenses to her supplemental insurance company. Through my work, I helped Mary secure reimbursement for over $17,000 in medical claims.

Retirement Community—Management Services Client

A large, full service, continuing care retirement community has retained my services since 2002. I help this community submit claims, track and audit claims paperwork and resolve Medicare and other insurance claims issues for its residents. Through my work, the accounting office and healthcare staff have been freed to focus on other vital services, and residents have received improved claims management service.

Ron C.—Advocacy Services Client

With a special needs child and a wife with a congenital heart illness, Ron faced mounting medical expenses and overwhelming insurance claims paperwork. Since 1999, I have helped Ron organize and audit his medical claims, worked with his physicians to ensure proper claims routing and resolved disputed claims with his insurance carriers. Through my work I helped Ron secure payment for over $50,000 in improperly denied medical claims.

References available upon request

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