My Services

I provide the following claims assistance services to individuals and organizations:

Organization Services

For individuals who wish to manage their own medical insurance claims, I provide training and tools that explain:

  • How to understand insurance policy coverage
  • How to audit and track medical claims paperwork
  • How to develop a course of action for unpaid claims
  • How to maintain important contact information
  • How to organize important insurance documentation

Management Services

For individuals and organizations seeking assistance with managing on-going medical claims, I provide the following services:

  • Organize and maintain all medical insurance and claims paperwork
  • Review and interpret all primary and secondary insurance policies
  • Audit all medical bills and insurance claims statements
  • Submit claims to primary, secondary and long term care carriers
  • Maintain records for tax purposes

Advocacy Services

For individuals with complex and hard to resolve medical claims issues, I provide the following services:

  • Review and interpret all current insurance policy coverage
  • Secure appropriate authorizations from physicians and care providers
  • Work directly with all insurance carriers

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"Until we hired Clarisa, we were buried in unpaid medical bills for my father. She helped us understand what bills should be covered and eliminated the anxiety of dealing with our insurance company."

John H.
ClaimsRelief Solutions™ Client

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